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Permanent Teeth Implants in Kolkata

permanent teeth implants kolkata

Get Permanent teeth implants, tooth replacement in Kolkata, help you to replace your missing teeth. At whitezone dental clinic you can get all types of dental implant in Kolkata.

Have Healthy And Natural teeth.

A dental implant not only replaces a lost tooth but functions like a natural tooth allowing eating, speaking, smiling and other activities of everyday life.

Built To Last Forever.

Conventional tooth replacement options such as removable dentures last five to seven years, but at some point, they need to be replaced. Dental implants might need a little adjustment but are properly placed and cared last a lifetime.

Forget Worrying, Enjoy Your Life!

Dental Implant boost your self-confidence, so be social and there is no need to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed because of missing teeth.

Restore Your Smile And Shape Of The Face

In old age, because of all missing teeth, your face appear sunken or sad. Dental implants enable you to preserve the natural shape of your face and smile.

Preserve Your Healthy Bone

Missing teeth lead to health issues, such as deterioration of jawbone as it unable to support the natural teeth and losing its strength and firmness. Permanent teeth implant treatment is the only option that protects and stimulates the bone by allowing bone growth.

Keep Your Teeth Where They Belongs

Dental implants keep your teeth in their position, just like natural teeth. So no more worrying just like dentures, your implant teeth will never slip off. Also, you can brush, floss and care for your teeth exactly the way you do the natural teeth.

Speak Comfortably

Permanent teeth implants allow you to speak confidently and fluently as it enhances your pronunciation clear.

Eat What You Want To Eat

You can now enjoy your favorite foods you love without hesitation. Because Dental Implant improves your bite so you can eat anything you want.

No Cavities

Cavities never occur in an implant restored teeth however, you have to visit your dentist for a routine cleaning and care for your teeth just like natural ones at home.

Preserve Your Healthy Teeth

Conventional tooth-supported bridge requires grinding of adjacent teeth on both sides of the missing teeth. Implant-supported bridge help to restore your healthy adjacent teeth.

More Predictable

Dental implant treatment is safe, long lasting with successful outcomes & considered as “more predictable” than other treatment options to replace missing teeth.

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