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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry comprises a broad range of services which is mainly focus on aesthetics. Whitezone offer best cosmetic dental treatment , West Bengal with a comprehensive dental treatment at our clinic.

  • Also, we tend to work in association with specialists and perform all cosmetic dental procedures to deliver you an ideal smile!
  • Nowadays, cosmetic dental treatment becomes more popular and acceptable treatment option for patients in dentistry.
  • Dentist will enhance your smile by correcting minor defects with the help of one or more dental procedures.
  • We believe, having a great smile can uplift your confidence, self-esteem and the success in your field.



Tooth colored Dental Filling

Now there is no need to have a metal filling to your teeth because, we treat decayed tooth with the help of tooth-colored dental fillings which is mainly comprised of composite or porcelain. A composite filling is strong, durable, that may utterly match the color and shade of the tooth and thereby gives you natural and great smile!

Composite Bonding

It’s a procedure in which minor defects such as spacing between teeth, broken tooth, slightly tilted tooth can corrected.

Bleaching/Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a procedure that lightens the teeth and helps to get rid of stains and discoloration. Also bleaching will considerably improve and enhance the looks of your teeth at a lot of less value.

Porcelain Veneers / Laminates

Veneers are a thin layer of ceramic ware, that are cemented to the teeth which appear and act like the natural tooth. This treatment comprises of direct and indirect procedure according to requirements.

Gummy Smile

Gummy smile can treated by the procedure known as “Gum Contouring”. When there is excess gum exposure throughout smile, gum contouring could conservative procedures to be done which may considerably enhance your smile!

At Whitezone, we provide best cosmetic dental treatment in Kolkata, West Bengal. Call for an appointment today, we will be please listening from you!