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Dental Implant FAQ's

teeth replacement surgery in kolkata
Are Dental Implants Safe?

Yes, Dental implants are totally safe and have been implemented by the dentists since 30 years. They are proven effective treatment option for teeth replacement. Teeth Replacement Surgery in kolkata is the most renowned surgery, we are leading dental clinic for implant surgery in Kolkata

They are titanium dental implants, is biocompatible and accepted by the body by serving a strong foundation for the teeth replacement surgery. Once the implant placed in the jaw bone, it fuses with the bone within a period of time and gives stability, support and strength to teeth replacement and functions just like natural teeth.

Is Dental Implant Surgery Is Painful?

Dental implant surgery is a process that replaces tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts and replaces missing or damaged teeth with artificial ones. These procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so there is no pain during the procedure. There is a slight pain and swelling at the site as the effect of local anesthesia minimizes, for that your dentist prescribes you antibiotics & Pain killers and a diet plan to heal the gums. Get dental implant surgery in Kolkata from experienced dentist at whitezone.

Who Will Place Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant treatment is performed by an oral surgeon or implant specialist, Dr Panda is the leading implantologist in Kolkata, providing better solution for dental implants. Basically, there are two dentist who performs dental implant and the restorative procedures but an implantologist is trained professional in both implant surgery & restoration of the dental prosthesis.

How To Care For My Dental Implants?

You can care for your dental implant just like the natural teeth, as you can brush, floss and maintain regular dental clinic by visiting your dentist.

What Is The Age Limit For Having Dental Implant?

Actually, there is no age limit, but the candidate must be above 15 years old to have a dental implant.

Who Can Not Benefit For Dental Implant?

A patient suffering from medical conditions like diabetes, Cancer, Bone disorders and some physical factors such as poor quality bone or sinus problem patients can not avail the benefits of dental implant treatment.

When Can I Return To My Everyday Work?

You can do your daily work from the next day and follow the postoperative care plan prescribed by the dentist. If any complication arises visit your dentist immediately.

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