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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment involves the removal of infected soft tissue from the tooth and it is replaced by a synthetic inert filling material. This procedure primarily saves the tooth and eliminates dental pain & prevents extraction of the tooth. White Zone Dental Clinic is an advanced Multi-speciality Dental Care & Implant Centre providing Best root canal treatment in Kolkata.

A tooth composes of three layers, outer Enamel, then Dentin and Pulp inside. The pulp is soft tissue which helps to transmit the sensation of heat and cold. If there is an infection to the pulp or tooth decay extended up to the pulp then it can cause discomfort to you. So, in that case, we have to heal the tooth by performing root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure:

First of all the decayed tooth section removes, which create a space to access the pulp. Then, the infected “pulp” or soft tissue remove and make sure that infection completely eliminates from the root canal.

After the removal of infected pulp, the root canal disinfect with the help of medicinal fluid and synthetic inert filling material uses to close the canal. After completing the procedure, the tooth prepares for tooth cap. In short, RCT protects your tooth without getting extract.

We are a team with highly trained Dental Healthcare professionals, that provide Dental Treatment options like Root canal treatment in single sitting. Single sitting RCT is performed microscopically with more precision & incredible magnification which reduces the total time required for the treatment.

Your tooth might need a root canal if..
  • It hurts once you chew or bite.
  • Sensitivity to heat.
  • Sensitive to cold for quite some of seconds.
  • Swelling close to the tooth.
  • Tooth discoloration
  • If the tooth is broken.

It is important to determine whether your tooth requires RCT or not. Our dental professional , place hot or cold substances against the tooth to check if there is sensitivity more than normal. Our Dentist going to examine the tissues around the tooth by tapping on the tooth or surrounding tissue.

For further examination, you might ask for the tooth X-Ray to know the severity & progress of the infection inside the tooth. Also, our dentist may have additional information concerning the tooth, an electrical pulp tester use for is the dental pulp is alive or not. If Dentist found any infection, then you will be the right candidate for Root Canal treatment at Whitezone.