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Smile Makeover

Are you looking for a smile makeover?

World class solution for smile makeover in Kolkata, West Bengal offered at Whitezone clinics by highly trained cosmetic dentist. It is a procedure in which Chipped, broken or carious tooth are operated with the help of tooth color material, which is highly durable and long lasting. It can do with the help of one or more cosmetic dental treatments and the smile designing cost is also depends upon which cosmetic treatment you select.

Benefits & Cost of a smile makeover
  • Smile makeover helps you to get impressive smile which can build your confidence, self-esteem, and personal relationships.
  • Having a beautiful smile can express you to the world that you are most attractive, more intelligent, and successful personality.
  • We ensure your consideration, appearance, skin tone, gum tissue to customize an ideal smile for you.
Dental treatments perform under Smile designing:

There are multiple advantages of dental implants.

  • Instant Smile makeover
    Minor procedures can do in a single visit such as teeth whitening, tooth defects or spacing between teeth, when their is no requirement of time consuming treatments
  • Composite Bonding
    Composite bonding is a treatment which improve the overall appearance of your smile, by correcting chipped, spacing between the teeth etc.
  • Orthodontic treatment
    Orthodontic treatment helps to improve the chewing function, straightening of rotated or tilted teeth and brings you a great smile.
  • Comprehensive Smile Makeovers
    It is the combination of 2 or more cosmetic dental treatment and it can do in stages.
  • All-ceramic crowns
    If you are not going for the orthodontic treatment to correct your crooked tooth then all ceramic crown could be an alternate for the correction. It plays an important role in smile designing treatment because the result is instant as compared to orthodontics treatment.
  • Dental Veneers
    Veneers are recommended to correct chipped and cracked tooth to enhances the appearance of your smile and teeth, which is worn and discoloured because of habits or aging. Also composite and porcelain laminate helps to correct spaces between the teeth.

Whitezone dental clinic is one of the most reputed clinics for smile designing in Kolkata West Bengal. Make an appointment today, Our dentist will pleasure to give answers to all your queries.