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Single tooth implant kolkata, Full Dental Implant kolkata
Single Tooth implant in kolkata, Full Dental Implants kolkata
What are Dental Implants?

It is an artificial tooth root that is put into jaw to hold a replacement tooth or extension. Dental implants might be a possibility or an option for individuals who have lost a tooth or teeth because of periodontal disease, damage, or some other reason.It also known as artificial tooth implant.

Concept of dental implants is not new one, from thousands of year dental implants were performed. whitezone offer dental implants, range from to low to high end dental/tooth implant in kolkata.

There are options for dental implant treatment depending on patient’s requirements.

  • Single Tooth Implant
  • Full Mouth Dental Implant
  • Artificial Tooth Implant

Single Tooth Implant Kolkata

If a person missing single tooth in his oral cavity, he can replace it with single tooth implant which functions just like other natural teeth, but it is artificial.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Kolkata

When a person having no teeth in his oral cavity, then they need replace all their teeth with the help all on 4 or all on 6 dental implant procedure. Some patients may also refer for all on 8 depending on the condition of jaw bone.

Multiple Teeth Implant Kolkata

Person missing more than one natural teeth can avail benefit of multiple teeth implant treatment.

Dental Implant is a cylindrical and tapered post, usually made from the biocompatible material called titanium & placed in the jaw bone which serves as a base and acts as a tooth root. There are many treatment option available to replace missing teeth at affordable cost.

Once the implant placed at the desired location, a connector known as "Abutment" is placed on or built on top of the dental implant for supporting the replacement tooth. A Crown is nothing but a custom made replacement tooth which looks alike natural teeth.

The dental implant is the best treatment for missing teeth caused by damaged or decayed tooth. Sometimes a tooth needs to be removed, due to gum disease or other factors. So both the visible part of the tooth that is crown as well as the root are lost.

A dental implant is placed in the missing area into the jawbone where it fuses with your natural bone by forming a strong foundation for replacement teeth. Dental implants can also be used to replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth for an implant-supported bridge or a denture.

Dental implants are very similar to the natural tooth as they allow you to eat, smile, laugh or talk and do all your everyday activities confidently.

Types Of Dental Implants

Benefits Of Dental Implants

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